Who am I



Raising humans can be challenging to many. I happen to have two of the most compassionate boys I know. I'll share more about how I have helped raise amazing empathetic humans. I have a gift that allows me to literally feel all the feels. Being an empath is...interesting. But my gut is never wrong



I've been diagnosed with bi-polar, ADHD, anxiety and panic disorder. This can be a daily struggle. I'm a suicide attempt survivor, breast cancer survivor and all around badass lady. I like to share stories of recovery and inspirational moments to know you are never alone. 



I finally realize that I don't give a shit about what others think. It took me a long time to come to this, but here I am at 46, living my best self. I'm quirky and wacky and might share some self care info along the way. One thing you will soon know about me is that I am #Jenuine.


Damn Good Speaker

I'm a public speaker who talks about stopping the stigma of mental health, specific subjects can include, suicide, bullying, self harm and more! And let's not forget, being a good human!  I create engaging messages geared towards any audience. 

I'm also a sloth hugging, manatee charmer, unicorn riding, mother fucking mermaid. #teamunicornfarts